The Head Maze

Inside our minds, a labyrinth of imagination.


The Project

Head Maze is a 4 story meditating mind, resting on one hand and ripping its face off to reveal a crystalline stained glass being. Inside of the mind is an immaculate interactive 4 story, 18 room maze of our subconscious and dreams. It's a massive collaboration dedicated to the complexities of cognition, our common struggle between body and mind, nature and nurture and our persistently fluctuating perception of self. At its most basic, the Head Maze is our attempt to help everyone who struggles with their mind know that they are not alone, that we struggle too, and it’s ok to feel a little mad in this society that we have created. The Head Maze will premiere at Burning Man in 2019 and return to Reno for permanent display in 2020.

The Head Maze is a purposeful juxtapositions of 2 forms, a peaceful meditative reflection and our inevitable struggle with the nature of our cognition. Its a monolithic mind caught in time between multiple selves. The head towers 40 feet over the playa floor, encased in mulberry paper and epoxy modeled after the work of Yoshio Ikezaki. The head, rests in repose while its left hand claws at its mind fighting to reveal a crystalline stained glass structure being akin to The Space Whale inside.

A series of hidden doors in the mouth, wrists and head open into a 4 story, 18 room maze. Each 10 x 8 foot modular room creates a unique space dedicated to the nature of our minds, our struggles with being and the weird and fanciful process of dreaming. An interactive participatory playground hidden inside a beautiful monumental mind. .

8 entrances and exits allow participants to easily flow through the Maze, with clearly marked exits in every room. Enter through the mouth and play with an interactive voice box. Pick a door and travel into an undersea stained glass world or into a mad extremists hermit cabin. Each room is a fully realized reality, meticulously crafted, richly detailed, compelling and interactive. The rooms are each designed by different teams of artists including over a dozen guest artists with each of the rooms building up a vibrant narrative to be discovered as participants play, explore, experiment and collaborate with each other to discover all of the paths through the mind. Wonder into the madness of the creative mind, through a gentle garden and out onto the 3rd story balcony of a Gothic cityscape. Riddle your way through the puzzles in the Nuclear Control room or discover the buried stories of the denizens of the mind through their notes and journals. Who lives in the mind? What is it trying to share with us?


Let’s build something a-maze-ing together!

Matthew Schultz  |  Lead Artist


Will you join us?

Building big art is no joke hard, and we love it. We (Matthew Schultz and The Pier Group) are looking for DONORS and Volunteers. We have been building art at Burning Man for 10 years with our most prominent works being The Pier in 2011, La LLorona in 2012, Embrace in 2014 and The Space Whale in 2016. We were blessed with the opportunity to install The Space Whale in Reno during the summer of 2017 and since then we have been dreaming up this mind blowing project.

We are looking for new friends, builders, artisans, creators, teachers, bright minds and compelling humans to come and help. Come and volunteer on this insane project, learn new skills and make monumental art with us. We promise that it will be a remarkable journey filled with a wide array of wonderful humans.

Your DONATIONS mean the world to us, and we can only do it with you! Seriously, we can build a new world with our friends, but we still need to buy the supplies, lots of supplies, you know like $20,000 in epoxy and 20,000lbs of steel which is super expensive now.


Ready to help?