The Pier Group

We are The Pier Group. Founded in 2011 and named after our 3rd big project “The Pier”. We have since built numerous large scale art installations including La Llorona, Embrace and The Space Whale.

We have been inspired by the great arts groups, like The Flaming Lotus Girls, to help teach and share skills and the joy of creativity with everyone who wants to learn.


Matthew Schultz

Lead Artist

Matt has been creating art since he was a boy. At 3 he decided he wanted to be an artist while watching Sesame Street. Matt is the founder of The Pier Group and The Generator Inc., a 36,000sqf community makerspace with a mission to provide people from all walks of life with the tools and help to create their dreams.


Zanna Wise


Zanna is the brains and the heart of The Head Maze. She joined the team in 2016 learning to weld on The Space Whale, becoming a critical leader on the project. Zanna is a masterful teacher with a robust 10 year background in education.